1. The controller
Grapsterbroke SIA
Gaujas iela 43 – 2
LV 1026 Riga , Latvia
Corporate registration code : 40203238486

2. Body responsible for the register customer service 
Phone: +358 468 462 873
E-mail :

3. Contents of the register
Your personal information may be used for the following purposes:

  • packaging and processing of orders
  • improving services
  • customer data maintenance
  • visitor tracking, analytics and profiling
  • marketing

4. Providing information to us is voluntary, but failure to provide information may result in the service yourequest not being provided as expected.
The controller may process the following information:

  • personal information (name, date of birth, language, contact information)
  • IP address
  • social media profiles
  • customer information and information about purchased products and services
  • contact the transport company and any information about the transport order

5. Basis of the register
We need the register to pack orders, process orders and communicate with our customers.

6. Data sources, processing of marketing authorizations and deletion of data
Personal information may be collected when the customer provides the information in the online store, by e-mail, by telephone, via social media, in connection with cookies, contracts, retrievals or other situations or channels in which the customer discloses the information.

You have the right to prohibit the use of information in marketing at any time. You can ask us to remove your information by e-mail . However, we do reserve the right to retain in our systems the information we need to fulfill our legal obligations.

7. Disclosure outside the EU
The data may be disclosed outside the EU.

8. Data protection and encryption
All manually stored material is stored in a carefully locked state.
Digital material is stored in systems that require proper login.

9. Verification of information
You can make a request for verification of information in writing, signed in person, by mailing it to:
Grapsterbroke SIA
Gaujas iela 43 – 2
LV 1026 Riga, Latvia

10. Changes in data processing
You can make a change request regarding the processing of your data, signed in person and mailed to:
Grapsterbroke SIA
Gaujas iela 43 – 2
LV 1026 Riga, Latvia

11. The right to be forgotten
You can request the removal of your customer account and information from our online store, but we reserve the right to retain the information we need to comply with legal requirements.